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10 Reasons for Learning how to Meditate

People who meditate regularly are well aware of the benefits associated with a regular meditation routine, but making the decision to take the first step can be the hardest part.

How many times have you thought about learning how to meditate, even gone out (or on-line) to look at what your options are but still unable to commit. For some there will always be a reason NOT to get started.

Here are ten reasons TO GET STARTED:

  1. Help you sleep better
  2. Relieve your anxiety
  3. Reduce tension
  4. Overcome stress
  5. Lower your blood pressure
  6. Alleviate depression
  7. Increase your intelligence
  8. Increase resistance to disease
  9. Increase your energy
  10. Sharpen your learning ability

People start Vedic Meditation for a wide variety of reasons. Some learn from the recommendation of their health professional, to help treat a specific stress-related problem, such as high blood pressure – which in turn is often exacerbated by loss of sleep.

Others may be quite healthy but decide to start because they want to use more of their mental potential. Whilst others learn Vedic Meditation because they want to improve their relationships or cope better with stress and anxiety at work.

Immediate benefits

Vedic Meditation is not like learning a musical instrument – it doesn’t take years before you become proficient. Most people notice results within the first few weeks, if not days, and it is very common to notice results in the first meditation. Following twenty minutes of Vedic Meditation you feel calmer and more alert – your thinking is clearer and more dynamic, and you have more energy.

Additionally, you are more relaxed and better prepared for a good nights sleep, allowing a fresh start to each day, every day.

Within a few months the accumulated benefits of regular mediation will start to make a real difference to your daily life. The benefits listed above are in no particular order, and by no means a complete list. However, as you start to sleep better you will gain more energy and clarity of mind. Choices, the right choices, come spontaneously.

Of course your reason for learning to meditate may have nothing to do with the examples above.

Mind too active to learn how to meditate?

Some people think that they can’t mediate because their minds are too active, too busy with thoughts. However, these are a perfect people for this technique because you don’t have to “try” to stop thinking or “try” to do anything for that matter.

“Trying” is actually what excites the mind and causes thinking. Vedic Meditation effortlessly settles the mind in the most natural and immediate way.

The Vedic Meditation technique allows the activity of the mind to settle down in a natural way until it is quiet, but still wide awake. It’s very simple – if you can think, you can meditate.

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