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Meet the teacher: Warwick Jones

“As a teacher of Meditation I have seen the lives of many people change for the better, and it could change yours.”

Warwick Jones teaches independently and is not affiliated with any proprietary organization.My first experience with meditation was at the Hare Krishna center in Auckland in the mid 80’s – but the religious aspect didn’t do it for me – nor did the 4 am starts.

From there it was an exploration of many methods via books, audio tapes and personal instruction. They each held promise.

However, the promise required hard work, which to me, was opposite to what was all about.

Then in 1991 I learnt Transcendental Meditation (TM) and have practiced regularly ever since. It was / is easy, effortless and refreshingly simple.

In December 1996, after five years working at a Medical Centre in Christchurch that promoted Transcendental Meditation as a natural alternative to western medical options, I traveled to Switzerland to completed a 5 month intensive TM Teacher training course supervised by the late Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

On returning to New Zealand, I taught Transcendental Meditation part time in Christchurch before moving to Auckland, my home city, in 2000 where I opened a TM centre on the North Shore and taught TM full time until late 2007. (For five of those years, teaching Transcendental Meditation to more people than any other TM teacher).

I now teach “Vedic Meditation” independently of any organization.


“Vedic Meditation is not a faith or religion, it’s a simple technique for bringing out the full potential of the individual”


Vedic Meditation is often mistakenly defined as a Hindu religion, however the Vedic Meditation technique originates from ancient India and predates modern Hinduism.

This timeless tradition of knowledge – the same knowledge base that brought us yoga, Ayurveda and much of Eastern philosophy – has been maintained and taught in its purity through an unbroken master-disciple Vedic tradition, for thousands of years to the present day.

Vedic meditation is taught world-wide by independent teachers although there is no formal organisation and meditators do not have to join any group to learn.

The benefits of this practice have been studied and verified by some of the world’s leading universities and research institutes.


“It doesn’t matter who you are, or what your family background is, Vedic Meditation is good for everyone.”


By the end of the course you will have all the knowledge and experience you need to meditate on your own at home; you have learned a technique, not become part of a group or organisation.

Give me a call, 09 419 5380, you have nothing to loose and everything to gain ….


Warwick Jones teaches independently and is not affiliated with any proprietary organization.


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