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Learn how to Meditate: Step Two


The Vedic Meditation technique can not be learnt overnight, or from book, video or audio technologies. The course unfolds over two and one half months.

Personal instruction in the Vedic Meditation technique begins with two one-to-one sessions, with Warwick Jones, followed by three more sessions on consecutive days. In these sessions you’ll actually learn to practice the technique. Each session usually takes about two hours.

Following the five sessions above, there are three additional sessions scheduled at intervals over two months.

Warwick is available seven days a week, by appointment, with standard appointment times each day – 8 & 10 am, 1, 3, 5 pm.

You simply choose the day of the week that you can begin the five day course at the time that suits you best each day


Course structure

Sessions are between 90 minutes and two hours each

Introduction: Attending an “Introduction” session is the prerequisite to learning Vedic Meditation. Click here for More …

Day one & two – Personal instruction: 
(within six weeks of the Introduction)
Two one-on-one sessions of Personal Instruction – in these two sessions you’ll actually learn to practice the technique.

Days three, four and five:
series of 2 hour checking sessions following your Personal Instruction in Vedic Meditation. It is to review your progress, explore the mechanics of the technique in relation to your experiences, and therefore verify and validate the correctness of your practice.


Follow-up Programme

Day six: one week after day five.
In this session we answer any questions and offer explanation to experiences if these have changed in the last week. We also explore and discuss the benefits of the regular practice of Vedic Meditation as they begin to unfold in your life.

Day seven: one month after day six.
You have been meditating at home for a month at this stage, so we need to check your progress and process of meditation. As well as providing the intellectual understanding to the changes taking place.

Day eight: one month after day seven.
A final review of the mechanics of the technique and to verify and validate the correctness of your practice.

Two year follow-up: 
Warwick offers a free two year follow-up program to insure that the benefits of Vedic Meditation are stabilized in daily life. After this, there is a nominal charge for checking – validating and verifying, correctness in your practice of Vedic Meditation. 

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