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Learn how to Meditate: Step One


I think the best way to learn how to meditate is simply one step at a time. In this case, the first step is attending an “Introduction” session. And while this session is a prerequisite to learning Vedic Meditation, there is no obligation, or your part or mine that you have to go any further.

The Introduction session presents the range and magnitude of possible benefits that can be gained from the regular practice of the Vedic Meditation technique.

The lecture is about 90 minutes and includes:

  • Description – what Vedic Meditation is and also what it is not
  • Benefits – improved mental potential, health, and social behaviour etc
  • How to start meditating– an outline of the steps of instruction to learn Vedic Meditation

These talks are free of charge, and involves no commitment to learn, phone Warwick Jones, 09 419 5380, and arrange your own confidential time.

Additionally to the points above, the presentation also covers:

  • What you can realistically expect to get out of the practice
  • How Vedic Meditation works
  • Where it comes from
  • And how does it differ from other systems of meditation and relaxation

You can only successfully learn Vedic Meditation when YOU want to learn, therefore the decision needs to be yours and yours alone!

At the conclusion of the Introduction session, we tend to ask you to go home and think about it, before making arrangements for the next step.

This way you know that YOU have made the decision to learn, and not “felt obliged” or been “talked into it”.

We enjoy working in a personal and confidential environment, therefore almost all our courses are One-On-One. With the option for friends, family and work places to learn in groups – so it can’t get any simpler than that !

Corporate / workplace / clubs / groups

Warwick is available to conduct “Introduction to Meditation” sessions at your work place, club or private group. These sessions are usually free* and cover a range of topics including the benefits meditation as a stress management tool and the application of meditation in modern life.

* Travel and accommodation costs may apply

Warwick is available seven days a week, by appointment, with standard appointment times each day – 8 & 10 am, 1, 3, 5 pm.

Next Step: Instruction

Phone Warwick Jones
09 419 5380