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Already meditate?

Anyone who has learned Vedic Meditation, or that I have taught Transcendental Meditation (TM),  is welcome to come in for a Check-up or Refresher session.

Personal Meditation Check-ups:

To be sure that you are deriving the most from your Meditation technique, it is a good idea to have a meditation ‘check-up’.

As we continue to meditate, people often find that their experience changes: it becomes more subtle and to be reassured by a teacher that the experience is ok helps a lot.

New Meditators’s should definitely have a 2-3 Check-ups within the first year of learning: its very important to have these check-ups. In fact we encourage everyone to have a check-up of their meditation at least once a year, whether they feel the need or not.

Refresher Course:

Getting back into your Meditation & not that sure you remember how ?

Or the results in your daily life seem to have faded with time. Then a refresher course might just be the thing you need.

A Meditation Refresher Course is a wonderful way to refresh and renew the easy, effortless, correct practice of your Meditation technique.

For details on the next course please call 09 419 5380. There is a $75.00 charge for this course – unless, you are within the Free Two Year Follow-up period following your Instruction in Vedic Meditation.

Group Meditations:

Every Sunday evening. (except public holidays) Suspended until further notice!
People comment that meditating in a group often gives a deeper, more profound, and richer experience.

These group meditations also provide an opportunity to increase your knowledge and to ask questions – knowledge and experience go hand in hand.

Other Centre Activities include:

Rejuvenation Days

Knowledge Nights

Special Seminars

Book Library

Meditation and Meal nights – meet and socialize with other Meditators


* pre-registration is required before attendance at any of the above sessions – use the Contact Form to register or phone 09 419 5380


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