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Learn how to Meditate: Step Three

Personal Experience

Learning how to meditate with the Vedic Meditation Technique is really easy. It is neither mind-control nor mental discipline, it’s not concentration, a contemplation, a philosophy or a way of life.

By the end of the course you will have all the knowledge and experience you need to meditate on your own at home; you have learned a technique, not become part of a group or organisation.

Unlike many other meditation techniques, Vedic meditation is renowned for being easy to integrate into the busy lifestyle of a householder.

Once you have learned Vedic Meditation it is essentially something which you can do on your own.

However, on completion of the course, there is a complete two year follow-up program that is available for every meditator.

The program includes regular personal Check-ups & Refresher sessions and special seminars to ensure your complete understanding and knowledge of the Vedic Meditation technique to enable you to maximize the benefits.

Check-up & Refresher sessions

As we mentioned above, the Vedic Meditation program involves the twice-daily practice of meditation and regular ‘Check-up & Refresher sessions’ – should you need them.

Check-ups and Refresher sessions are a simple process which ensures that the technique remains absolutely effortless.

This effortlessness is vital because: first, if it’s not effortless, it’s not Vedic Meditation, and if it’s not Vedic Meditation, who knows what the results will be; and second, if it’s not effortless, it won’t be easy, and if it’s not easy, people tend to stop.

Check-up and Refresher sessions, therefore, are a vital aspect of the Vedic Meditation Program.

Yvonne’s experience

Yvonne McLean shares her experience with Vedic Meditation“Dear Warwick … I had always struggled with making time to fit in the second meditation of the day. However that has changed and I thought you’d be interested.

I accidentally stood on a rake (rake head) as I was bending to pick something up last October. The rake richoted and the solid wooden handle hit me on the left hand side of my head (from the middle to the front).

I experienced mild concussion (though remaining conscious) and then post concussion syndrome, where my brain processing was very disrupted for some time. The brain injury meant that I often felt as though my head was stuffed with cotton wool with very little going on inside my head. The only way to heal was to sleep lots and to ‘take up meditation’ according to the neurologist.

As I already meditated, I stepped up the amount I meditated by ensuring that I was meditating twice every single day without fail. The difference was phenomenal. I recovered very quickly and the clarity of thinking that I experienced was amazing.

After meditating, especially in the early evening, after a full day, it often felt as though the fog in my head lifted completely and the sharpness in my mind’s eye felt as though I had twisted the lens on a camera and brought the pictures into focus.

This experience has been fantastic and I now make a point of meditating every day, even when I don’t think I have the time. After all, we all have choices to make…. ”
Yvonne McLean – June 2009

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